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incredible but true !

Incredible but True amateurs fool the TV!
How the Crobard hoaxed a real TV journalist crew!

"When one works in TV, one has to be careful about what one says..." Denise Fabre

Notes from the translator :
TF1 is the number one TV channel in France, with national coverage.
Denise Fabre has been a TV host for something like thirty years and is extremely well known. She specializes in TV games and similarly brain damaged shows.
Sophie Favier is your stereotypical young blond tart turned TV host.
Denis Vincenti is one of the journalists behind the "Incredible but True" show. He used to be a well respected journalist for a well respected investigative TV program, until it was found he had used actors to create one of his TV reports out of thin air.
The Crobard is a humoristic web site (click around here, and you'll see) that's been around since 1999 and pokes fun at goths, punks, and other alternative groups. It's the brain child of Fab and Sand, who are themselves punks. They are the "we" on this web site.
The horrid English is all my fault ( me the anonymous translator ).
Background :
The Crobard webzine : humoristic web site that's been on the web since the dawn of the internet in France, hereby declared innocent.
Note to the newbies: Internet is a universe the first rule of which is exponential: the "older" a site is, the more unavoidable it is.
The journalist team : made up of well known TV personalities and other people with strong links with the world of TV, hereby declared guilty by negligence.
The hoax : put together through a synergy of goodwill, people united under the banner of a good joke, they have extenuating circumstances (they were provoked into doing it), and their case could easily be dismissed.
"The TV show Incredible but True won't just be a succession of amusing images. Some images, at times serious but always incredible ones, will lead us to think about society in our days." Jean-Pascal Lacoste, StarAc 1
Context :
A bunch of web pages that are a spoof of an online service that proposes products that are so surreal that it seems impossible to believe it, impossible but not incredible...
The original pages, only slightly modified since their creation, are here (in French, just click around).
Rent a punk to enliven your parties !
Worded like an incitement to commit the crime, this email left us speechless for hours. We even went back to read our web pages to make sure they weren't as ambiguous as that email seemed to indicate. Overcoming our surprise, our brains started running at high speed. We don't know anything about the show ( it' only broadcasted during the summer school vacations ) but the opportunity is too good to miss. We make a few key emergency phone calls, to see how much collective energy we can gather and spend on the idea. It's around 4pm on that same Thursday January 8th when Fab calls the phone number indicated in the email : " Fab Crobard from the Destroy-Escort Company " and it's without doubt with that sentence that everything really starts...

Object : -= Show TF1 * Important =-
Date sent : Thursday January 8th, 11:52:17am
Hello, my name is Xxxxxxx XXXXXXX, I'm a journalist for the show "Incredible but True" on TF1 (with Sophie Favier among others...) We are currently working on subjects for our forthcoming broadcasts and I'd like to get in touch with your organization "Destroy-Escort" to get information regarding this incredible but true activity! It's a very serious proposal since we would end up having a story about your services which seem to be highly original. Hoping to receive an answer from you very soon, I thank you in advance.
Artistically, Xxxxx -
= R&G Productions =-

When Fab hangs up we barely believe it, and this will be a recurring theme in this story. I think that till the end we won't really believe it. As I type these words this adventure still feels to me too surreal to be true, but nevertheless...
Anyway, on Thursday January 8th, after 20 to 30 minutes on the phone, the initiative is on our side. It's up to us to stage the things that will get our journalists where we want them to be, by inventing the story of a service that doesn't exist and by making up out of thin air all the elements they need for their report.
In short, we are now at the helm of what is commonly known as an hoax.
incredible but true !
The journalists' excuses
The Crobard's advantages
- a poor knowledge of the internet (one only has to click on a few links on the web page of our service to understand that it's a joke)
- too much self-confidence (not a single time will they even consider that we might just refuse to participate to their show)
- a poor knowledge of the alternative world
- there really is in the USA a site that offers the services of people with specials profiles
- long time users of the internet and therefore a better knowledge of the tool and its potential
- knowledge about the world of television and the ability to step back with regard to it
- crazy looks that might lead one to think we actually are crazy
- a mischievous will to laugh about everything

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