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F.A.Q The Crobard : (frequently asked questions)
1. What is it ?
Everything began when I started personal homepage called "La Page Noire" (French for "the black page"). Every week I was putting a short drawing on the site, and after one year my archive page was too big to be downloaded. I needed a solution, so my girlfriend offered her help. The webpage is now a webzine calling "The Crobard", and it includes a small English version.
2. What is a "crobard" ? what does that means ?
It's an old French word meaning an outline, a sketch.
3. Are the drawings real ? Who are the people of the drawings ?
All the drawings take part in reality, but they are only a glint of reality that we see with our critical eyes. We take most of our inspiration from the French gothic mouvement (mostly in Paris) and also from a French gothic mailing list.
4. How many drawings are there ?
To be honest we don't know; we suppose that it must be something between 300-350. In June 2001, we had more than 600 pages in the French version of the website, so we've stopped counting...
5. Why have some drawings colour and others haven't ?
There's no reason to that, it just depends on our mood or feeling...
6. Who are we ?

Fab Crobard FabCrobard : author of the idea The Crobard of the week, draftsman of the webpage

Sand : webmistress,

anyone who helps us
with English version :
vio aka petit scarabee

7. How to criticise, advise, collaborate or participate to The Crobard ?
just a mail : here.